Proud for Pride

We pride ourselves on our overall communications expertise exclusively within the LGBTQ+ community and consider ourselves communications practitioners rather than solely public relations service providers


We love working with airlines that support LGBTQ+ travellers


We love sending our writers to colorful places in the world


We love working with hotels that welcome the world's LGBTQ+ community

The Word of Mouth in PR

RAINBOWS PUBLIC RELATIONS is a boutique company made up of a small core of people working with founding director, Ty Dee. We pride ourselves on our overall communications expertise and consider ourselves communications practitioners rather than solely public relations service providers. Because of our non advertisement and word of mouth/referral only business structure, we are not only able to provide clients with a superior level of service that represents excellent value, but have been able to develop a successful, dynamic communications consultancy that makes a real difference to our clients’ bottom line results. We achieve this through clear, concise and streamlined communications with mainly internal audiences. Building our business in this way and sticking to our core principles based around a no-nonsense, straightforward, fun and passionate approach to what we do has helped make us stand out and has certainly struck a chord with the clients – we talk to. Our extensive experience within Destination Management, Travel, Entertainment and Lifestyle means that we’re well placed to handle all of your day to day communications challenges and advise you longer term on best communications strategies and practices. We work predominantly in these arenas and with all the types of companies that could potentially include – Entertainment, Travel/Tourism and Events. As a result, we’ve forged an enviable and, we believe, unrivalled, set of contacts. Mainly located in Dubai and Los Angeles – Ty has over a decade of experience within Events. His enviable client list is vast and includes TV personalities, actors, musicians, and event companies. Ty also works on various coaching projects from time to time and regularly consults for several large companies in the financial sector . Allow our colors into your world.

We Have Colored...

...drank, eaten and slept with:


"The feature is fantastic, thank you SO much! It’s fab. "



" Your work would explain why we were fully booked during La Demence (Brussels Gay Event) "

Neni Berlin

Neni Berlin

"I am pretty excited to hear... – it’s such a wonderful review"

We'll Contact You

We do prefer to work with clients that we have approached or have been referred to by a current client. If you wish to be considered for PR representation please email pr(@) Unfortunately, due to the large quantity of submissions we receive, we cannot personally respond to every submission. All submissions are given thorough consideration and we will contact you if we feel as though we can splash colors with you!

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All of us at Rainbows PR are based in various locations and time zones around the globe and we often use our cell phones.

Want to color with us?

We love resumes but we love who you are RIGHT NOW so before you send us your resume please submit a short written submission (600 words of less) include the role you are applying for in the subject field along with your contact details. Your written submission plays an important part in the selection process, both as a tool for helping us to shortlist candidates for interview and as a basis for the interview itself – so be as colourful and daring as you can be!

Any decision to shortlist you for an interview will be based solely upon the information you supply at this stage. Once you have completed what is required, please return it by email to recruitment(@)

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